About Us

The Premier Healthcare Network, LLC has been operating as an Independent Practice Association in Metro Atlanta Area since 1994.

For the past 30 years, our mission has been and continues to be to serve as an advocate for doctors in our community who want to remain independent and successful in private practice.

Member  Member’s Voting Power  Membership  Type  ACO Participant TIN Legal Business Name/DBA, if Applicable 
Last Name  First Name  Title/Position 
Poindexter  James  Chairman Of the Board  9.1%  ACO  Participant  Georgia Vascular Specialists, PC 
Layne  Edward  Board Member  9.1%  ACO  Participant  Gastroenterology Medicine & Nutrition Clinic, PC 
Ayeni  Oluropo  Board Member  9.1%  ACO  Participant  Wellspring Family Medical Center Inc.
Sewell  Michelle  Board Member  9.1%  ACO  Participant  Pediatrics and Adult Medicine Inc. 
Cote  Nicholas  Board Member  9.1%  ACO  Participant  MURFREESBORO  MEDICAL 
Woods  John  Board Member  9.1%  ACO  Participant  N/A 
Poindexter  Laverne  Board Member  9.1%  ACO  Participant  N/A
Bell  Barbara  Patient  9.1%  Medicare Beneficiary  N/A 
Patel  Uptal  Board Member  9.1%  ACO Participant  MURFREESBORO MEDICAL CLINIC 
Desnoes Chloe Board Member  9.1%  ACO  Participant  MURFREESBORO MEDICAL CLINIC 

ACO Executive: John Woods

Medical Director: James Poindexter

Compliance Officer: Atanas Filchev 

Quality Assurance/Improvement Officer: Edward Layne 

Community Advisory Committee: Barbara Bell / Chairwoman

Quality Metrics Committee: Dr. Kelvin Burton/ Chairman

Data Analytics Committee: Dr. Michelle Sewell /Chairwoman

For more information about the Premier HealthCare Network, LLC contact:

Phone: 615-740-5347

1620 Gateway Blvd
Ste 102
Murfreesboro, TN 37129

Email: PremierACO@topmd.health



Years Long History in Managing Care

1 st

IPA awarded a Medicare Shared Savings Program Contract in Metro Atlanta Area


Providers (Includes PCPs and Specialists)


Practices Working With Us

Our Mission

Strongest, Highest Quality Independent Practice Group in Metro Atlanta Area

Insure pro-active physician participation in the dynamic changes that are occurring in the healthcare delivery system

Assist physicians in developing the necessary practice coordination skills and systems to work cooperatively and effectively with our healthcare partners in a coordinated and cost-effective manner

Insure that our patients throughout the Greater Atlanta Metropolitan Area and the State of Georgia continue to have access to high quality, medical services.


The Premier Health Care Network, LLC