Your doctor has joined with the physicians of The Premier HealthCare Network, LLC (Premier) to form a Medicare Shared Savings Program Accountable Care Organization (ACO) because he/she believes we can do a quality job working together to improve your access to medical and health care.

This ACO was formed by Premier, to help our doctors develop a more coordinated healthcare system that works to improve the care and control the costs of care for all of our Medicare Fee-for-Service patients. We want our Medicare Fee-for-Service patients to have the right care, at the right time and in the right settings. And we want you to have access to the information you need, when you need it, to help you make solid decisions about your health and well being.

 The Premier ACO, helps your doctor to:

   a) have improved access to your health care information;

   b) more easily share that information with the doctors you have             selected;

   c) avoid delays in decisions affecting your healthcare; 

   d) reduce redundant and unnecessary tests; and

   e) more easily provide your healthcare record and information to            you.

And when you are a Medicare Fee-for-Service patient in The Premier ACO, we coordinate ALL of your care with ALL of your doctors. 

Your Medicare benefits are not changed in any way. You can select any doctor that you choose, whether or not that doctor is participating in an ACO. There will be no changes in the cost or coverage of your benefits. You are not being enrolled into a Medicare Advantage or Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) plan, and this does not change your Medicare Supplement coverage. You can still choose to see any doctor or go to any hospital that accepts Medicare, at any time.

Your Primary Care Physician may continue to recommend that you see particular doctors or providers for your specific health needs, but it's always your choice of what doctors you use or hospitals you visit.

The document below is a list of popular questions and answers that explain ACOs and what it means to Medicare Fee-for-Service patients when your doctor participates in an ACO.